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November 16, 2014 / The Boss

So it sits

I hope everyone has been having good health and fun times. Ive been doing great and the baby is growing like a weed. Im still working when i want and doing all sorts of things for the holidays. I sorta miss writing everyday.
Had a small encounter with the babies dad. Hes doing well living with his wife now and i dont hear from him or about him to much but i do keep an ear open. Yes parts of me care. Hes a good guy lost in whatever bs his wife feeds him but its the life he choose so i respect that for the most part. Last time we talked i was told his wife was asking a ton of questions about me and my baby. She dont have a clue besides whats done is done. Her biggest issue of course is still me and maybe the fact she cant and dont have a baby by him no matter how bad she wants one. I feel sorry for her but nothing i can do about anything.

I mainly stopped by to say hi and check on everyone. I miss my friends here i used to have. Doug was always my trooper here i could talk to him about anything. And trip was always fun till the drama stopped by my blog and showed its ugly head then idk he got distant and idk what ever happend to him. Maybe he lost the faith in me or started to doubt me about whatever but toss the bullshit aside i do miss my boys here. I wished i wouldve found a way to stay away from drama but at times im a big mouth lol.

I cant believe the time how fast its going. I havent seen my biggest fan samantha in a while. Yeah i see her on the road least once or twice a week lol shes always speeding around town lol.
Well i hope everyones good and ill stop by once in awhile.

Peace out…

May 2, 2014 / The Boss

Back to self

So I’ve decided its time to get back to my old self again. My mom took the baby with her for the weekend and that gave me plenty of time to sleep in and get a little work done.
Works done lol and I’ve been bored as hell and I couldn’t sleep. My old neighbor has been begging me to come visit so I called him up and then took off. It was nice to see him, we talked for a long time and he must have asked me a million questions. I wore a sexy see thru top for him well mostly for me but I wanted him to see. I’ve been out of action since last summer and I’ve been kinda antsy about things.
I’m sure it was on his mind but this time I brought it up and I think I kinda shocked him lol. I looked at him and said ya its been some time since I’ve helped you out you should maybe let me help you. He got all smiles and then gets up and take’s my hand and leads me into the other room and out onto the front porch. He slowly takes his pants down and then sits. I knee down in front of him and being sucking his hard cock and right away I feel as if no time had even passed. It was like old times except this time he was a little more excited and more loud I wasn’t so worried we was going to be heard being outside but more like people would think I was hurting him lol.
He didn’t take long at all to explode and I gently cleaned him up and we went back in. We had a nice visit it was cool to visit my past if you will. I had a good time back then but all to so I realized times to change as my phone rings and its mom with an update on her time with her grand baby. Idk why but she feels she has to call me every couple hours or so to let me know things are ok. Yeah sure I do worry about my son but my mom thinks if I’m not asking or hearing about him all the while she has him then I’m a bad mom.
Wait she wasn’t around me daily or calling me and last time I remember there would be months go by when I was living with dad where I’d never hear from her. But I have to be different lol. Well I am but I’m not a worry wort like she is..

Well I hope everyone is doing good I’ll check in again soon.

Peace out…

April 25, 2014 / The Boss

Must be spring

How’s everyone been? I’m doing OK my beautiful baby boy is doing OK and looking ever so cute. Everything went great even tho the Lil shit came a bit early but still at 8lbs. He’s deff a cutie pie and I sure love him like no other, his gramps would love him I’m sure he’s looking down with a big smile.

Got back to work dragging the Lil guy all over with me lol but its OK cuz I haven’t been going far. Once he’s in the car all he does is sleep so that’s not to bad. My mom keeps him sometimes to and she’s already spoiling him rotten lol she loves him a lot.

I quietly check on baby daddy now and then, now I know what your thinking but that’s OK to I’m not causing problems for him and everything there is so so. I mean we have an understanding and we are both happy about that. I got what I wanted and I’m sure somewhere down the line he will to. He’s always going to have a special place in my heart and as long as he’s happy I guess I am to even tho I sure miss him at times. Last summer was a gift and I won’t soon forget that. Even through all the bullshit I’ve found my zen and well people either respect that or they don’t I could care less either way. I’ve been silent thus far and shits cooled down so I’m good. I pretty much fell of the face of the earth well as far as this wonderful town would allow and gladly its been nothing but peace and I couldn’t ask for nothing more I guess. Just so ya know Heather has been doing good and we have been doing things together again and she’s been my rock and she’s been just wonderful with the boy she also has been spoiling him lol but I knew she would.

I’ve missed writing that’s for sure my mind is going a million miles a second right now but I’m trying to keep my first post in a long time nice and relaxed. I just figured I’d stop by and say hi and I hope this new year has been treating everyone kindly.

I’m glad the weather is turning warm I’m looking forward to a nice summer. Just got my bikinis I ordered in the mail and I just love them, I can’t wait for cookouts and the lake, I’ve been at it kinda hard to get back in shape which really wasn’t all that hard. All my bikinis fit great and yep they are all the famous bikini girl thongs and strings, now ya know I wouldn’t have it any other way lol. The neon green seems to be my favorite this season it looks awesome on me and it fits me great so great it feels like wearing nothing at all and we all know that’s a good thing lol.
Ok folks I’m about done with this post, my Lil guy needs his food and so does his mama. I’ll stop by from time to time to say hi.

Have a great weekend and don’t have to much fun lol.

Peace out…

December 1, 2013 / The Boss

Blah tis the season

Yeah tis the season alright, i miss my dad and this holiday season isnt going to be the same without him. He made christmas feel like christmas and as of right now i dont feel much feeling towards this season its gonna be a rough one.
Been sitting around thinking about baby daddy and everything hes going through but im still sticking to my guns there, i just wish things couldve been a little different with all that but it is what it is so onward i go moving forward at a slow n steady pace. Its just hard knowing i could help but i cant help ya get me? He made his choices and now its up to him to deal with it all and sadly he dont deal well and i bet any money hes wishing otherwise i dont know.

Again doug im sorry about or chat date hun i was busy yet again but dont give up on me yet lol im trying. Work was a fucked up mess for a few days due to my uncle pulling his dad over the shoulder shit and we all know when he jerks me around i tend to jerk back harder. Sometimes working for family can be a beautiful thing but alot of times its just fucked up. I ran into my old neighbor again friday night and all in all it was a good visit its been tough on him since i moved and i think we all know why lol. Since losing his stress relief helper hes been like a big baby and each time we see each other thats about all he can talk about but i dont mind hes a good guy with a good heart and i do admit that i do miss our little stress relief sessions lol we used to have.

So the Browns let us down yet again even tho some of our guys had a great game it still wouldve been nice to see that new trick throw qb in the game i cant wait to see his arm in action for a game instead of watching him on youtube, yeah thats about as far as my research on him took me, the guy can toss a ball and even tho Weeden had a kinda sorta decent game i still wouldve liked to see him in there for a play or two.

Well its damn near 11pm here in dank town warren ohio and im about to head off to walmart then back home to bed. Sounds fun huh? Not lol.
Take care folks ill try to stop back soon.

Peace out…

November 19, 2013 / The Boss


So all the bullshit ends. Samantha and i have buried the hatchet and shockingly have been getting along, i been a lil busy with work and picking thru lists of houses and im wondering where my boys have went. I havent heard from anyone in sometime and honestly ive been worried and thinking about you all. I hope your both ok and i hope to hear from you. Doug, id still like to chat with you maybe this weekend sonetime or anytime your not busy. I can be on messenger whenever really. Mornings would be bestest lol how about ill just log in wed morn between 8 am and 11am, if we cant hook up then we will shoot for friday morn around 11am and ill be around all day since i have to be at my doc that morn anyway to get a check up etc etc.
Well im going to jump off here, i hope everyone is planning for a nice turkey day because i know mines gonna be good. Talk to you all very soon..

Peace out…

November 5, 2013 / The Boss

It pisses me off

Ok so in the past month maybe more ive lost a few friends, why you ask? Well here ill tell you. First of all some people are fucked up to begin with, I try to use messenger for being in touch with some ppl from here and few family and fewer friends. Ok so i open myself up for some bullshit in the first place just by posting shit but thats ok with me, and i seriously didnt have many issues talking to everyone except for those people that only want to talk about my sex life and the things im willing to do in and out of a relationship, im not scared to talk about anything with anyone but shit got out of hand, one person talking to me asking if id go shoot guns with him and then asking me if id agree go topless then that led to would i be willing to see if he could shoot while i sucked his dick then talking about doing all that in front kf his friends then asking me if id be ok sucking off his friends etc etc which leads me to just log out i mean seriously i know what i post but that dont mean al i think aboutnis cock sucking and yea there was a time id just let my tits air out all day long but that dont mean im gonna hangout with a bunch of hormone filled guys with guns while im pranching around topless taking turns sucking these guys off.
Like i said i know i bring shit onto myself but dont anyone ever think i turn things off from time to time where im just as normal as everyone else and maybe just maybe id like to talk about computers of the latest gadgets or chat about football or just talk about the weather anything!!! And why does every guy think they can just hold me close and make me forget every guy ive ever been with. Then while i was on the road you have no ideas how many offers i had to divert to go visit some random horny guy thinking im just going to pull in and suck a dick or the offers i had to just pretty much stay a while with someone for awhile for one reason or another and when i said no or just didnt say anything id get people pissed at me for not jumping on the idea. I admit i wouldnt have minded much meeting some people but the offers got just fuckin crazy and so now ive lost a few friends during the process. I guess some folks just lost focus of why i was out on the road to begin with but its ok i guess. I just dont like when people get pushy about certain shit and we talk i dont wantc to talk only about sex or dick suckin. I love sex just as much as the next person and i dont mind talking about sucking a cock im sorry if thats a tease for some of you i thought we was all adults.. Of course i get a tingle when i talk about sex with another person from time to time but im not going to bug you over and over to help me reach that tingle im sorry. I guess im saying is you can talk to me about all sorts of shit it dont have to be all sex all the time. Ok?

I took notice of the people that dropped off earth during the last month or so and i hope i got the reasons all wrong, ive had so much going on all at once and today thinking about it all i figured id rant… Rant over lol..

Well ive got some running talk to u all soon. Sorry for any misspellings. Im tired.. Thanks for reading.

Peace out…

November 3, 2013 / The Boss

So who comes running

I didnt mind much because of my self inflicted dry spell and sooner or later i knew it was going to happen but its amazes me who comes running when things arent greener on the other side. I didnt say no i couldnt, i gave in like a love struck teenager and i was happy to. He texted my phone which is odd because he never does that and without a fight i simply said yes. We decided on a place to meet up and when i first seen him he looked tired and i could see he had somethings on his mind and he was here for me to help him thru and after talking for a few minutes i did just that. I gently kissed his neck and in no time he was ready to go and made my way down to his growing penis and took him like there was no today lol. Sure i could have said no to steer clear or any drama that may follow but i didnt care, for one reason or another he was there with me and he was there for my help just like always. Whenever life gets to be to much or if theres a massive build up or over whelming drama at home he finds his way back. I offer no bullshit i offer no fighting no lies and no hate just my touch. I dont say no but for my own good reasons only because by all rights i could just turn him away but i never do.
Im in a better mood now then i was earlier and so is he and that makes me feel better. What can i say? When some things come about i dont pass them up no matter what and i wont ever say no for a few reasons all which will remain my own and im not saying lol.

So now i sit happliy awaiting the Cleveland browns game to come on with a very nice after taste in my mouth lol and ill enjoy the rest of my sunday in peace knowing i brought a smile to someones face today. Sue me i have urges to and yeah well i got mine taken care of for today. So i hope everyone enjoys there sunday and Go Browns. Ill try to report later so i can either cheer about a win or bitch because of a lose..

Peace out…